Tuesday, 25 August 2009

A little bit of blog lovin’

I’m moving house (flat) tomorrow!!!! Yay!!!
Which means that I’m likely to have very little access to the internet for a few days, and therefore likely to be doing very little blogging.

So, I thought I’d take this opportunity to share some blogs that I love…to keep you entertained while I’m away for a while!

Jasmine Star
I first came across Jasmine’s blog about 18 months ago, I think. Anyone that knows me will know that I love weddings, so it should come as no surprise that sometimes I still visit wedding websites and blogs! And it was through one of these websites that I found a link to Jasmine’s site. I also have a love of photography and so this site is a great combination of two of my loves.
But it’s not just the photography that keeps me returning to Jasmine’s blog. Her passion for life and genuine openness, as well as her beautiful writing makes this blog one of my daily reads. Alongside her beautiful photography, she shares her heart for God and her family which inspires and encourages me, as well as her determination to ‘keep it real’ and be true to herself. And her willingness to share her knowledge of photography and business has been a great help to me.
Whether you’re into photography or not, I think Jasmine’s blog is a great read.

In the name of LOVE
I was introduced to Bianca’s blog through Jasmine’s blog. And just in case you visit them both and think you’re seeing double…they’re twins!
Bianca teaches the word of God in a relevant and real way to women of all ages and walks of life. Along with Jasmine, her determination to ‘keep it real’ means that her words carry the message of God’s love powerfully as she doesn’t try to please people and hide behind nice words and fluffiness…she says it as it is…and its refreshing and genuine. Her blog is both an encouragement and a gentle kick up the backside just when it needs to be.
One of my dreams is to someday be able to teach the word of God in a real and relevant way and to be able to reach out to women and help them to draw closer to God, to learn about God and to get to know Him better. Bianca inspires me to keep my dream alive…God loves people and He wants to use us to show them His love.

I can’t remember how I came across this lovely blog, but once I did I was hooked! Ruby Ellen is a mum to two girls with a third one on the way! She makes the most beautiful and cute craft items for children and grown ups…check out her shop.
I love her fun nature and the way she makes every occasion so special for her girls and the family. She makes adorable outfits for the girls and themes their birthday’s with lots of activities and creative ideas.
Ruby and her husband inspire me to seek out ways to turn every day into something special and memorable. And I love her creativeness and desire to make presents and gifts rather than just buying something from the high street.
I have had lots of creative ideas for Christmas presents (yes, I said Christmas already and its only August!) and things that I’m desperate to start making since finding this blog. I can’t wait to unpack my sewing stuff in the new flat!

Happy Tuesdays, and Happy Blog Hopping!!! x

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