Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Between the Trees

Sometimes life gets busy. Sometimes it gets really busy. Sometimes it gets crazy busy.
And when those times come round we can feel so caught up in the busyness we loose track of ourselves and of the things that are important.

I’m currently going through a phase of busyness that I know is going to become craziness as we get ready to move house and tackle the ever expanding list of practical things that accompany relocation.
I know that in the grand scheme of things our house move is not that big a deal. We’re not relocating to a new country (like Alison is currently doing) or even a new city (like we did last year). We’re just moving across town. But things still feel a little crazy!

I wrote a few days ago about perspective and how sometimes we can’t see the wood for the trees. I imagine that each element of my life can be represented by a tree. Some are mature and have been there since my life began. Others are new seedlings or young trees just emerging from the ground. Some are strong and deep rooted and will always be there. Others don’t last so long for whatever reason, but were important when they were there.

There are times in life when things are pretty calm and it’s like we’re walking through a field with a few trees dotted here and there. And there are other times in life when things are busy, when we’re juggling many things, when it’s like we’re walking through a dense forest full of trees.

As we look around the tress may start to look the same. There are so many of them, they all blur into each other. But they’re not.
Some of the trees are more important than others. And even when we’re busy and have many trees to tend to, some should still have a greater priority.

As I continue on through my current busyness and into the awaiting craziness, I just wanted to take a moment to stop and recognise those things and people that are the big trees in my life. God, Phil, my family, my friends. I wanted to remind myself to seek out time with these people even in the middle of the busyness. I wanted to remind myself what these people look like so I don’t miss them between all the other trees.

I took this picture while when we were away…it triggered the thoughts above…
...seriously, this guy is like my hero! (It's ok, I'm allowed to say that, he is my husband!)

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Bianca said...

I LOVE the last picure. Really, it's so precious in light of the blog.

Great post...