Monday, 13 July 2009

Praise for the past & hope for the future

Currently in our small group we’re studying the book of Exodus. Last week we looked at the song of Moses and Miriam right after the Israelites had crossed the Red Sea on dry ground and the Egyptians had been washed away.

One thing that came out through the study was the need for us to remember the good things that God has done for us and through us in our past, so that we can have faith and a hope for things in our future.

Right now this is something that is so real for me. I am sitting here waiting for someone else to make a decision that could initiate another change in my life, or put an end to a small dream. Ever since making the decision to relocate to Edinburgh, Phil and I have learnt to wait. We’ve learnt, sometimes the hard way, to have faith, and to trust in a God who has a hope and a future for us. No matter how long it takes, or who’s making the decision.

As I text family to ask for prays regarding our latest endeavour, I was reminded by my Nana of the waiting we’d done previously and the faithfulness that God had shown us. When we were first waiting for a decision about Phil’s new job, my Nana told us that good things are worth waiting for. She was right. When I updated her on Friday and asked for her prayers her response was this…
‘We should be used to this waiting – we’ve been here before. Will keep praying xxx’

In one small text I was reminded to take my eyes off the situation, off the circumstances and off myself. I was encouraged to look to God. The one who has provided for us before. The one who has cared for us before. The one who has made the right doors open before. The one who was with us when we waited before. His plans are perfect and His timing is perfect.

I know this because I have seen it in the things He has done in my past…so I can have faith and hope that He’s doing it in my present and in my future.

I just have to learn to calm myself down during the waiting!!!


snuffleblum said...

I hope it involves lovely cakes!

Lindsay said...

I hope so too!

We're moving to a new flat (again!) but this one is just lovely. It's right opposite church and near lots of friends. I'm so happy about it! You'll definitely have to come and visit and see it! It's an old Victorian tenement flat with a lovely bay window and big rooms. We'll be moving at the end of August but I just can't wait to be there...I'm so excited!