Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Forgetting to eat...

I've just been sat at my desk thinking...'flippin' eck! I don't half feel very hungry'
And then I just remembered that I've not had any breakfast yet today!

Seriously, my brain has turned into a pot of mushy peas recently!!!
I mean, how on earth could I forget to eat!!!

I remember when I first moved away from home and my Nana would phone me to make sure I was ok/surviving/still alive! She once asked me if I was remembering to eat and I thought she'd gone crazy! I mean, I love food, I can eat a lot, and my body kinda tells me when I need to eat...it's not something you can usually just forget.

But maybe sometimes, in our busyness, in the craziness of life, in our mushy-pea-brain moment we can forget something which is so essential to life.

Today, I forgot to feed my body...I forgot to give it the fuel it needs to survive, to live.
But how often do I forget to feed my faith, my soul, my spirit, my relationship with my creator...the fuel I need to not just survive but to live abundantly?

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