Monday, 20 July 2009

I love lists

I don't know what it is about them exactly...but I love them. I can't help it.
They're just so innately organised and ordered! And they can be so helpful. Plus, they can be colour co-ordinated! Need I say anymore?!
Maybe I need to sign up for listaholics anonymous!!!

Anyway, here's a quick lists of a few things and thoughts going on with me today:
1. I should have really tackled the pile of ironing yesterday instead of lazing about the flat and doing nothing of particular use! Well, other than going to church and packing boxes. Now its just going to take valuable evening time that I would like to do something better with than ironing ...oh, the luxury of hindsight!

2. Part of the reason for above laziness yesterday was thanks to our neighbours who decided to have a karaoke party...very loudly...'til 5am!!! So yesterday was spent trying to recover from the party we managed to endure without actually being there!

3. Why, oh why, oh why am I being so slow at work at the moment?! I'm using two new pieces of software and it seems to be taking me ages to learn what's going on and even longer to do anything useful with them! For example: it's taking me far longer than necessary to work out why the labels for items 1, 2, 3 & 4 are visible but not item 5. It has the same settings as the other items! Please Lord, make it work for me!!!

4. Why do some people at work prefer to behave like immature school children instead of the experienced professionals that they are?! Oh, the joys of office politics and corporate gossip-mongering!

5. While we enjoy a rare day of sunshine, I am planning to go for a walk this evening and hopefully take some photos to share. However, the walk may involve an umbrella and a bucket full of determination and positivie attitude if the weather forecasts are to be believed!

6. One day I will be less tardy with the delivery of people's birthday presents...some might even arrive early (shock, horror!) day!

7. One day I will be a superhero and my special superhero skills will be prompt and efficient ironing, making the perfect cup of tea and bringing joy, fun and laughter to all those I meet...I think I'm almost there! Just the ironing needs more work!

8. I love church. We hadn't been for a couple of weeks due to being away and even though I'd listened to the sermons we missed on the internet, nothing can feel as good as being back in the house of God listening to His word, worshipping Him and just generally being with his family. Sunday morning was good!

And because posts are better with's some apples on a cute little apple tree after a splash of rain (the British summer eh?!)...

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