Sunday, 26 April 2009

The Little White Island

Last weekend we were fortunate and had lovely weather, a rare occurance for our location at this time of year. We tried to make the most of it and headed out to the seaside for a few hours.

I love being near the sea. It's just so refreshing!

Anyhow, whilst I was looking around at the scenery I noticed that Bass Rock, a small island just of the coast, was looking very white. At first I thought it must be covered with white flowers or blossom, but upon closer inspection, I noticed that the white was actually from the birds that were landing on it. And there were so many birds that the island literally turns white!


Why they choose to land on this island and not the other ones nearby I have no idea. But I thought it was pretty cool!
If you look closely you can see them flying around the island.


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