Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The trials of style...

This might become a regular feature...I have many style issues! Not quite wardrobe malfunctions, but any venture away from jeans and a t-shirt usually backfires in some way.

This season I am trying to rock the maxi skirt/dress. I think long skirts are elegant and feminine, and they cover up my whiter-than-white (almost blue) legs!
However, I have come to the conclusion that this item of clothing is not always the most sensible when accompanied by a toddler. Here are some examples...

1. This morning, said toddler thought my skirt would be a good place to hide! Not helpful!

2. Every time I have to crouch down to speak to said toddler at his height (which is a lot) I invariably stand on the bottom of the skirt and almost reveal my undergarments or trip over, or both…which said toddler finds hilarious!

3. Other crouching down incidences have involved the skirt ending up in a puddle or general dirt, mud or muck. This can happen with any skirt that is not super short!

4. I almost folded the skirt up in the buggy when folding it away at the nursery today! That could have been interesting!

One day I will aim to look glamorous and sophisicated and get through more than 30 minues before my cover is blown!!!

Happy Wednesday x

p.s. the numbers are in summery colours to encourage the sun to stay a little longer...please!

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