Thursday, 15 April 2010

Tummy Thursday - weeks 35 to 40!

Ok, so this is like well over due...and missing a week...but I hope you'll all forgive me!

So, the last time I posted a tummy photo was week 34 and, as that was so long ago, I'll post it again here as a reminder.

34 weeks...
IMG_1287 (1)

Now on to the new photos...35 weeks...
IMG_1290 (1)

36 weeks...
IMG_1311 (1)

37 weeks...
IMG_1316 (1)

38 weeks...
IMG_1325 (1)

39 weeks...I didn't take a photo! Naughty me! I am now finding that I'm far more comfortable in my pj's than in normal clothes and so spent most of last week in pj's and didn't think they were suitable to photograph and post on here...sorry! But sometimes comfort has to come first!

So, 40 weeks...the official end of the pregnancy...the due date...not that the baby is taking any notice of that!!!
IMG_1329 (1)

Hopefully it won't be long before I'm showing photos of the bump's occupant!!! Although you might get a 41 week photo if it decides it still cosy in there!!!

Although I'm now getting a little impatient and desperate for this baby to come out so we can meet it and start the next part of the journey, I have enjoyed being pregnant and there are some parts that I will miss. Not the terrible sickness at the beginning, and not the lack of energy and general uncomfortableness at the end. But it has been wonderful to feel it move around inside me and respond to voices and poking (gentle of course). It has also driven me crazy and paranoid when it has been less wriggly...which I'm sure is only a sign of more crazy mum worries to come!!! Seriously, I didn't realise being a mum would be so stressful already!!!

Anyhow, I've rambled on far enough now.
And I need to go and spend some serious time in prayer begging for this baby to come soon!!! He he he!!!

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