Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Lazy Days

I know my presence on this blog has been a little less than regular or frequent over the last few days/weeks. I'm sure you're all thinking that I being super busy getting everything ready for the arrival of the baby. Or that I'm relaxing and enjoying the last few moments of 'me' time before my life is turned completely upside down! Or even that the baby has arrived and I've been far too busy to remember what a computer is. It's true, I have been doing some of both of those things (not the baby arriving bit unfortunately) but mostly...I've just been pretty lazy!

It maybe that I struggle to 'relax' without thinking about all the things I could/should/ought to be doing which makes me feel like I'm being lazy. Or it maybe that my heavily pregnant body is unable to do anything at a normal pace or with any form of comfort unless it involves sitting down or eating! But I have really been struggling with the fact that I just feel like I'm being lazy...and that I feel that is wrong!

I have watched the whole of Ugly Betty Season 1 though (it's only taken me like two years) so I have managed to achieve something!!!

Anyhow, I will endeavour to get this weeks tummy Tuesday posted as there are many weeks to catch up on... and I'm hoping (wishfully thinking) that it'll be the last!

Thank you for being my therapist today!!!
Happy Tuesdays xxx

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lynn said...

go for it! (photies)
I feel as if I haven't seen you for ages!