Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Why I've been a bit quiet...

Dear Mr. Toilet,

I feel that recently we have become more than just acquaintances, but I'm not really sure that we could be called friends. I have certainly seen a lot more of you than I would care to. And our meetings have definitely been less than pleasurable for me.

However, I can take some joy from our regular get-togethers. The doctor says its actually a good sign! And at least I can be thankful that it means I am very blessed.

You see, I have been visiting you quite a lot because I have a little person growing inside me. And my body has to take care of this little person so that it can grow strong. And to do that I have to be sick for a while.

I hope that our visits will return back to their normal frequency soon. I can't really say I'll miss them. But I promise to introduce you to the little person who has been responsible for increasing the frequency of our encounters (around April sometime).

I hope you understand.

Yours gratefully,
Lindsay xxx

1 comment:

Kristy said...

Oh that's so exciting Lindsay! Congratulations. April babies are lovely. x