Tuesday, 22 September 2009

A belated birthday message...

This is the guy who likes to open his presents as soon as the clock strikes midnight, or sooner if possible! And it was his birthday on Sunday.

And to celebrate we went to Ikea and bought bookshelves! I know how to show people a good time eh?!

It still amazes me that this guy, who has travelled the world and seen some incredible things, chose me. That I get to share life with this guy who has an amazing heart and cares for me so much.

This is the guy who knows how to make me smile...and this is the guy who read my last blog post and made me labels for my shampoo and conditioner bottles!!! See how he looks after me!

I hope that I can learn and grow to love like he does and care like he does and be strong like he is. I hope that I can love him like he loves me.

Happy Birthday Phil xxx

p.s. I believe he's looking so happy/smug/chuffed in the photo because I was sitting next to him in a hot dress! Hahaha!!!

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Holly said...

Awww! That is sweet! There is no greater gift than love!