Monday, 7 September 2009

Baby Pigeons

It hasn’t gone completely unnoticed by me that I have been writing on here a little less than usual. I just don’t quite know what to write. It’s like I’m going through a mini little phase of mental emptiness! If that even makes sense! And yes, I know I used mini and little. I’m hoping it will be a very short phase!

I’m not down or unhappy, in fact quite the opposite. But I’m just having a time of contentment and chilledness that doesn’t seem to encourage any deep or really interesting thoughts. Maybe my brain just needs a rest!!!

I haven’t even been taking any photos to share. I mean, I even let a whole weekend go by with a visit from a great friend, and the camera didn’t surface once. Probably because doing a jigsaw is not the most entertaining thing to document and share with photos…yes, we are that sad! But even so…my poor lonely camera!

Anyhow, just to say hi, and I’m still here and I’m just chillin’.
Maybe there’s some big thinking to do in the future that I’m saving my brain power for!?! Who knows?!

Our small group/house group (I never really know what we’re officially called!) is having a weekend away this coming weekend and I promise to take my camera along and take some photos. And maybe I’ll be inspired with some deep thoughts too…!

Until then, I do have one thought/question……why are there no baby pigeons around? I only ever see full size adult pigeons. Where are the baby ones? Or do they hatch full size?
See, I’m still trying to tackle the enigmas of the universe!!!

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