Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Function and purpose

So, I need to print an A3 sheet in colour. But the colour printer is waiting to see the printer doctor because its transfer unit is at the end of its life, apparently! And the non-colour A3 printer is just not printing! No matter how much I stare at it and wait, patiently.

The solution? Wait until the colour printer has been resuscitated or print it in black and white on A4 paper. Cue magnifying glasses, lots of squinting and comments about how it would be better on A3 in colour. I know, I tried!

It’s so frustrating when things don’t work properly or do what they are designed to do. When equipment that is designed to make our lives easier, more efficient, more productive doesn’t perform as we need it to. Making life more complicated, less efficient, less productive.

But what about us? What happens when we don’t do what we are designed to do?
Are we a frustration to others? To God?

We’re each designed with a purpose, right? And we each have a unique role and function to fulfil. A unique purpose and reason for being alive, for the benefit of our community, our church, our family.
So what happens when we don’t live out our purpose? When we don’t understand how we should function or what our role is?

Do we live in monochrome instead of full colour? Do we give out less of ourselves, less than what God created us to give? Do we make life harder for others? Do we cause others to be less productive, less full, less complete? Do we hinder their purpose too?

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