Thursday, 17 November 2011

Walking step-by-step

Life, faith, a relationship with God... is a journey.
Not a road trip or an international flight.
Not a rush from one thing to the next.
But a step-by-step walk. One foot in front of the other. Second-by-second, minute-by-minute, moment-by-moment.

Sometimes the walk is easy. The ground is flat. The scenery is interesting. The steps come naturally and with ease.
Sometimes the path is high, the view is astounding, the next steps are clear.
The journey is enjoyable. You travel far without even realising it.

Sometimes the walk is hard. The ground is steep or uneven. The night has set in. Your body aches, and it takes everything in you to keep going. To keep placing one foot in front of the other. Each step feeling slower and heavier than the last.
You need a rest. A chance to stop and take in the view. But the view isn't what you want to see right now. So you keep going. You have to keep going. Just to get somewhere else.

Its in these times when other paths become so attractive. The paths that others walk along, that seem to serve them so well. The paths that promise so much but deliever so little. The paths that only go downwards, whether gradually or swiftly.

Its in these times that we need to draw closer to God.
The one who will keep us from stumbling when the path is uneven.
The one who will be our light when the darkness surrounds us.
The one who will give us rest when we long for refreshment.
The one who will carry us when we get weak and weary.
The one who will use the journey to transform us. To re-form us. To restore us.

The one who will bring us to the new place when the time is right...and the one who knows exactly what that new place needs to be.

Whether the path is easy or hard...I pray that I walk each step with God.
Just one foot in front of the other.

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