Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Lessons from the prayer room...

- When someone suggests you're being brave to spend an hour in the prayer room with an 11 month old...you can safety conclude that they think you're crazy!

- It's not easy to pray for an hour with an 11 month old...it's not impossible though either. And it's ok to agree with the above comment!

- It's ok to not know what to pray...or how to pray

- It's ok to not know what or how to pray even when you're not a 'new' christian

- It's ok to just rest in God's presence...although there is no 'just' about it

- It's ok sing praise songs which use the tunes of nursery rhymes (at least I hope it is!)

- God will meet with you (even if you're playing with stacking cups and other toys)

- When you leave something will be different. It may not be huge but it will be different.

- Your 11 month old will want to remove every bright post-it note from the walls and won't understand why he isn't allowed to. You will resort to sticking post-it notes to yourself to distract your 11 month old from the ones on the walls!

- It won't be what you expected...and that's ok

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