Tuesday, 7 December 2010

I'm not a celebrity...

..but I have been sucked into watching a certain reality jungle themed tv show!

I've only caught bits of it, but enough to follow what's been going on. As I watched the post-final-this-is-what-happened-after-it-finished-show (they don't half managed to drag things on!) it struck me how all the participants had grown together. How they had come to appreciate and need each other.

Without the comforts and securities of their normal lives, I saw people learning to live together in community. People of different ages and backgrounds, with varying life experiences, sharing all the ups and downs of life in difficult circumstances. Helping each other, supporting each other, listening to each other.

But it only happened because they were made to spend time together. There was no hiding behind walls, no running away, no pretending.

How different would our communities be if we chose to spend time with each other? If we exposed our real selves and allowed others to do the same too. If we stopped hiding behind our comforts and securities. If we shared all of our lives even in the difficult times.

And we don't even need to eat bugs or sleep in the jungle to start!

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