Friday, 18 May 2012

Being an oven for two...

I would say the only major difference for me so far in this pregnancy has been the speed at which I have start to sprout a bump. This, of course, makes a bit more sense now that we know there are two people taking up residence in there!
The sickness has been pretty bad, but it was with my first pregnancy so that didn't seem any different. And I assumed I was feeling extra tired because I was running round after a toddler as well as being pregnant.

I shall endeavour to produce bump photos as I did with Ethan but this time they will need to start I have a bump already! I can't believe that at just under 14 weeks my bump is about the same as it was at 20-22 weeks with Ethan. I only have bump photos from weeks 19 and 23 last time but I have included them below for comparison with this bump. It's not the best of comparisons as the outfits and zooms are different, but you'll get the idea!

I'm now curious/slightly freaked out by just how big I'm going to get over the next few months!

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laura anne said...

If you've gone through a full term pregnancy before, bump usually pops out sooner in future pregnancies - but your bump will grow more quickly with 2 in there. Twins is exciting though! I remember getting to examine a woman at 37 weeks who was pregnant with twins during a university placement and it was a complete privilege. She was almost able to tell about their personailities just on how they acted inside her womb. Pretty cool.