Thursday, 16 February 2012

Feeling the love

Photo from here.
It has to be said that I have not really been feeling the love over the last few days. I've been (am still) battling with a bad cold (which I've now passed onto the wee one) and high levels of stress due to various projects and reading deadlines. Some more self inflicted than others! Plus, Phil is now away for two nights and I have a rather large coldsore taking over my upper lip.

All this has led me to feel very sorry for myself. I have thrown a couple of pity parties at my desk...and at home. And when I do that it's best to keep my thoughts to myself because they're usually less than helpful!

I did receive a wonderful card and two lovely gifts from my boys on Tuesday which made me smile, and I will hopefully share (but not the chocolates...I have eaten them already!) And I have also finished the slightly mammoth task of making my mother-in-law's wedding invites...although I have forgotten to take photos of! You'll just have to wait until we receive ours in the post!

I shall hopefully be back to full health and regular blogging soon. Unless I get caught up and distracted by another pity party!

Happy Thursday!

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