Friday, 6 May 2011

Being me

If I'm honest...

...I struggle with comparing myself to others

...I struggle with the fact I still don't feel I really know myself

...I struggle with not feeling that I deserve the nice things

...I struggle with not wanting to blend into the background but not wanting to stand out either

...I struggle with feeling that everyone else has it more together/sorted than me...and usually looks better than me

...I struggle with some aspects of my post-baby body...even though I didn't think I would and don't think I should

...I struggle with not knowing what to do

...and at the moment, I struggle to remember anything!


lynn said...

remember the things that God said and did back in January. With the other sisters around you that day, we stood with you and affirmed what he was doing in your life. You are wonderful - and wonderfully made - and I love what I see in you.

Ever cheering you on!


Lindsay said...

Thanks for your encouragement Lynn!

I do need reminding of the things God has said and done for me...and the things he has planned for me still to do! x