Friday, 22 October 2010

Sucker punched

Just as He had my attention He delievered the blow. And it hurt.

Sometimes, when God is trying to tell me something He says it numerous times. Even when it's something I think I already know. Especially when it's something I think I already know.

But twice in 5 minutes has got to be a new record!

Just as I came to a realisation about a few things in my life I read the words that literally winded me. And they hurt. Because I knew they were right.

What I'm lacking right now is not the vision. It's not the direction or the effort. But the desire.
The desire that outweighs comfort. The desire that overcomes insecurities. The desire that only God can give.

And the desire that I need more than anything else if I am to truly follow Jesus.

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